Job Skills

• Bachelors Degree in Business Administration (Preferably with focus on Innovation)
• Proficiency in quality standards, assurance techniques
• Proficient in MS Office ( PowerPoint, Word, Excel)
• Bilingual, Good Communication skills (written & verbal) in English & Arabic language
• Minimum of 7 years of prior work experience with at least 2 years in managing a team

Job Duties

To ensure activities in Shurooq are carried out with a focus on developing innovative service, products and processes. To develop and provide tools/resources to enhance the creative thinking and the generation of innovative ideas or innovative solutions in the authority. To ensure that all innovative ideas/ solutions are continuously provided and shared within the employees

• Develop and manage innovation plan in line with the mission, vision, values and objectives of Shurooq
• Create a corporate/innovative culture that esteems and encourages to think "innovatively"
• Develop, provide resources and support departments to adopt best local and international in innovation to ensure that innovation occurs within the organization
• Ensure that there is an organizational scorecard to support the management of innovation and measure the effectiveness of innovation within the authority.
• Design and implement control mechanisms to ensure full compliance to innovation standards
• Create methodology, processes and procedures for innovation and ideation system.
• Work with all departments to raise awareness on innovation and its importance
• Work closely with cross functional departments (HRD, Quality, Strategy) to conduct ideation sessions for internal departments and divisions to provide creative /innovative solutions of current problems.
• Fostering individual and collective creativity of the team members to encourage and facilitate innovation
• Develop and implement innovative policy for Shurooq in line with the mission, vision, values and objectives of Shurooq
• Supervise the innovation processes to ensure that they are followed correctly and successfully implemented
• Follow-up on innovative ideas through various sources within Shurooq
• Any other task as assigned by the higher management