Job Skills

• Knowledge of fundamental marketing principles with proven practical application
• English ( written and verbal) – Mandatory
• Arabic ( Mother Languagel) – Mandatory
• Customer Focus
• Flexibility and Adaptability
• Collaborative Working
• Communication
• Respect and Integrity
• Innovative Thinking
• Problem Solving
• Decision Making
• Negotiating and Influencing

Job Duties

• To develop and implement a sponsorship strategy to maximize the number of sponsors supporting Shurooq& its products and services and generate revenue via cash and VIK contributions;
• To manage the relationship between Shurooq and sponsors to ensure that sponsor commitments are achieved and serviced to a high level ensuring retention on a long term basis;
• To provide support to the management to ensure the efficient management of Shurooq’s sponsorship activities.
• Submit a sponsorship budget to the management for inclusion in the Shurooq’s overall budget including an expense side for sponsorship servicing costs;
• Develop a sponsorship target list including existing and potential sponsors ensuring that all existing sponsors are contacted and encouraged to re-sign three months prior to the season commencement;
• Develop a generic and series of tailor made sponsorship proposals for ratification by the management, to be offered by Shurooq to attract as broad a sponsorship as possible;
• Implement the sponsorship strategy;
• Manage the relationship including regular contact between Shurooq and sponsors to ensure that the contract obligations are implemented and achieved and the sponsor serviced to a high level ensuring retention on a long term basis;
• Maintain regular communication with the management to enable Shurooq’s budget to be adjusted up or down depending on the success of the implementation of the sponsorship strategy;
• With the Management assistance ensure that there is a standard contract or MOU that can be signed by Shurooq and the sponsor with a copy being retained by both parties;
• Work with the Events and marketing teams to organize a sponsor’s functions.
• Prepare a report on sponsorship operations for presentation to the management at scheduled meetings outlining the Sponsorship progress and the outcomes.